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Q.         What does the word “Eternity” mean to you?
Q.         Do you believe infinite space has always existed? 

Exercise 1:  Time travel to explore the timelessness of eternity. 

Imagine we’re traveling in a time machine where any place in the past or in the future can be reached. 

Q.         How many centuries can you imagine traveling in past history? 
Q.         How many centuries can you imagine traveling into the future?

Any measurable amount of time - cannot define Eternity. 

Exercise 2:  This is an exercise in the duration of Eternal space.  

Imagine floating in infinite space - no light and and therefore nothing that can be seen. 

Q.         Is there anything that would interrupt or change your experience over time? 

Q.         Would one moments experience be any different than another over time? 

This experience would be like an ever present now. 

Eternity is timelessness –Time-less-ness means no beginning and no ending, the alpha and the omega. Only the ever-present now (before creation) of infinite space.   

The duration of Infinite space is Eternal. 

Eternity is the second fundamental reality.



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