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The eternal purpose of god

Lesson Part II


(part 1)


God Is!


  • He is the Eternal God, and as such has no beginning or ending by definition.

  • There never is a point in past, present, or future Eternity where God is not.

  • God caused all other existences, all other realities beyond Himself.

  • God is the source, the Father, the Cause. He is the Creator of all that is.


God is the uncaused, first cause of all affects.


  • Creation commenced at a starting point with a real beginning in Eternity within a specific location within Infinite Space.

  • God as Creator pre-existed everything.  Therefore it’s logical that He had to have been entirely alone prior to His creative activity.


Why did God create in the first place?


God did not have to create, but He chose to.

There is some thing that God did not have in Eternity prior to creating that He will have when sin is put away forever.


In being the God of love with a pure and eternal desire to be loved in return by created spirits with the ability to choose to love Him in return, is the basic motivation for God’s creative activity.


The one thing God did not have in pre-sin eternity that He will have in post-sin eternity is – Spirits created with the power to choose to love God in return.


The following is the creation account of man. God used this as an illustration for teaching the angels what He went through to find helps meet for God.


God said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” So, God created man in His image, in the image of God created He him. Genesis 1:26, 27   


In Pre-Creation Eternity – God was entirely alone.  In this account of Adam, God is also revealing Himself as to what He went through in creation. 

  • God created a man while the angels watched – (the principalities and powers in the heavenly realm), and this man is the only one in existence. 

  • God says it is not good for this one man to be alone.  God wanted the angels to see through this illustration of Adam, that God in pre-creation eternity, came to the same conclusion about Himself.  It is not good for God to be alone. 

  •  There is something better for God than to be alone. That something is God’s Eternal Purpose, what He desires to have and will have at a great price. 

  • God is teaching the angels why He created the angels.  But you who have introduced sin into my creation have no way to be forgiven. 

  • I want you (angels) to watch as I work with man so you may learn about me.  He’s using man as a visual aid to teach the angels about Him.


First created spirit in the image of God – angels, the angel spirit creature relates directly to the purpose of God.


Man relates directly to God’s program.  God’s program is to educate angels and mankind's believers in Christ the person of God.


It is not good for God to be alone, “I will make…”  I will create; I will make something to exist with me in Eternity.  

  • Using man as a vehicle of communicating Himself.

  • Help (I will make a help) = a reciprocal love companion for God.

  • Meet (I will make a help meet) = adequate, sufficient, all that you could ever desire or need your love companion to be.  Maximum meeting/satisfaction of desire and need.


God’s progressive creative activity to find a help meet for God.  

  1. Creating the building blocks of physical matter – rocks, wind, and water.

  2. Grasses, shrubs, flowers, trees, etc.

  3. Fish, birds, beasts of the field.

All of creation to this point are helps for God, they are a reciprocating love companion for God – but they did not nor could not satisfy all that God would desire or need in a personal relationship.


“He that hath my commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me:  

  • Reciprocation – giving back to God love.

  • “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandment:”  I John 5:3 

  • When Jesus spoke to the wind and the water, during a great storm, they acted in love to God by hearing His voice and doing what He told them to do.  The winds ceased and the sea was as calm as glass. 

  • Jesus spoke to the fig tree that bears no fruit that it would bear no fruit forever.  The fig tree loved God, and in an act of love, it withered and died. 

  • Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of an unbroken colt.  The donkey did as Jesus commanded; it did not buck Him off, but rather acted in love and carried His creator.


A fourth level of creation – a spirit created in the image of God

  •  That which holds the greatest promise of blessing and joy and happiness and satisfaction necessarily (at the same time) also threatens the greatest curse and misery. 

  • The marriage relationship between a man and a woman is a model, a micro-cosum of God’s relationship with His creation, His helps meet. 

  • On an earthly human level, the greatest experience of humanity is marriage.  It is the maximum promise of joy, happiness and satisfaction for a man and a woman.


What is true for the source of happiness for mankind is the same for God – to love and be loved by helps meet.  

  • This truth is according; it is inter-related, in harmony with all reality – true of man, angels and God. 

  • Reality on the human level, earthly, is in accord with the heavenly and God level.  It’s all the same, it all fits, it all harmonizes, and it is according. 

  • What happens to man is a mini picture, a microcosm of what happened to God.


God is using the story of Adam and Eve to show what He had experienced and what happened to Him.


God created angels with a spirit made in the image of God with the ability to realize His Eternal Purpose to love and be loved by spirit creatures with the power to love him back.


The “power” to love God by choice is void of real power without having the same “power” to choose to rebel against the known will of God.


Lucifer and one third of all created angels with this awesome power used it to choose to follow self and not God.


Sin entered God’s perfect Creation; Eternity was interrupted with an infection of sin in a place we call “Time”.


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