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Lesson 1


Q.         What does the word - “Infinity” mean to you?

 Q.         Do you believe ”infinite space” is a reality?


 Consider this as a two part description of Infinity –

  1. Space without boundaries

  2. Limitless distance in any conceivable direction.

Exercise 1:  Exploring space without boundaries  

  • First draw a circle on a piece of paper 

  • The circle represents a boundary around a defined space. 

  • As our description states -  Infinite space hasn’t any boundaries, 

  • Therefore space defined within a boundary cannot be infinite space.

Q.      How large of a circle can you imagine?    

  • A circle surrounding the state of Texas – once again space with a defined boundary is therefore not infinite. 

  • Imagine a circle surrounding the Earth. 

  • Imagine a circle surrounding our solar system – space, no matter how large, is limited by a defined boundary and therefore not infinite.


No matter the volume of space defined within a boundary, it will always be just finite space, never infinite space.



Exercise 2:  Exploring the limitless distance of infinite space.


      Q.       Is there a limit to the distance one may travel within infinite space? 


     Imagine  traveling in a space ship at the speed of light in any chosen direction with limitless distance of space ahead.


Q.      How far can we travel in this space ship?   

Q.      Will we ever reach the end of space?


Remember - Infinity is:


Space without boundaries and limitless distance in any conceivable direction


God's word speaks of the space beyond His house of light and beauty as

"the blackness of darkness for ever".  (Jude 13)


Our objective is to stretch our thinking and understanding of the location for God’s creation of light and beauty that is surrounded by unlimited space beyond.


Infinity is the first Fundamental Reality.



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