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Lesson 3:  


This lesson is the introduction of physical matter and life within this infinite eternal space.


The Universe is all that actually exists - from the smallest physical particles to the largest galaxies.


 Exercise 1:         Exploring the origin of physical matter.


Atoms are building blocks that make up all physical reality. (Of course there are smaller particles, but for our purposes let’s agree to stay at this level).


Imagine how incredibly original the idea is of designing and creating an “atom”.

Imagine one atom within infinite eternal space where nothing else previously existed.


Q.         What determined the design construction of this atom? 

Q.         How would the components of this atom interact to make it what it is? 

Q.         Would it be possible for an atom to “evolve” out of eternal infinite space? 

Q.         Would it be possible for even one atom to appear out of the nothingness of infinite eternal space without an intelligent creator? 

Q.         What holds the components (protons and electrons) of each and every atom together? 

Q.         How many different combinations of atoms are there that make up all of creation? 

Q.         What or who causes one basic atomic combination to be different from another? 


Exercise 2:         Exploring created life, where did it come from?


Some things to consider: 

  • The law of biogenesis - life comes only from life.

  •  Spontaneous generation - the emergence of life from non-living matter.  (The theory that life came from non-living matter through natural processes has never been scientifically or otherwise observed.)

  • Mendel's law of genetics - genes (the genetic units of heredity) is merely reshuffled from one generation to another.  Different combinations are formed, but not different genes. Different combinations produce many variations within each kind of life, such as the dog family.

  • Natural selection cannot produce new genes; it only selects from among pre-existing characteristics.

 The Universe is finite and yet unbounded.  A finite Universe surrounded by unlimited Infinite Space for the duration of Eternity.


Q.     Did the Universe and the life within it evolve from Infinite Eternal Space?


Something to consider:


If ever there was nothing but infinite space existing for eternity, there would still be nothing existing in infinite space for eternity.  


Q. If there was a big bang, what existed prior to the big bang that made up the content to make the big bang? 

Q. Is it possible for matter to precede conscious intelligence? 


The existence of all physical reality as well as life itself points to the necessity for an intelligent being who designed creation.


"Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." (Hebrews 11:3)  


Only the Eternal Spirit of God could have conceived of and created the vast complexity of the Universe.  Who spoke it into being by the power of His Word.


We have explored three fundamental realities. When added together they form the following equation of an unmistakable reality – there is an Eternal Being and Creator of everything within His house.


Infinity + Eternity + Universe = there is a God              I + E + U = God


Conclusion:  The Universe was designed, created and therefore had a beginning.


The Created Universe is the third Fundamental Reality.



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