Youth Programs

We in the Bethel Methodist Church take great care and pride in our organization's youth program. The Bethel Methodist Youth Fellowship is devoted to providing an exciting and fulfilling program of worship, instruction, fellowship and support. We recognize the young people among us as the future of Christ’s Church and we are committed to providing an atmosphere that is conducive to the Word being taught and built up in each of them.

Please check each of the local church sites for information regarding the youth group in your area.

On a broader scale we have denominational events throughout the year. These are made up of three different events. A Summer Youth Camp, Back-In-School Retreat, and a Winter Retreat. These are times when all the youth from our different churches come together for worship, instruction, fellowship and fun.

Summer Youth Camp

Our summer camp is a week long event (Sunday evening –Saturday morning) that takes place in June each year. We currently are having our Camp at a facility named Sandy Creek Bible Camp. This camp is located near Washington, Texas on Hwy. 105. It is a beautiful wooded facility, quiet and remote. Our camps are very controlled and supervised. We have rules of conduct and dress. We believe that young people desire structure in their lives and we try to provide just that in our youth camp. We run both a Senior camp (7th grade – 20 yrs.) and a Junior camp (3rd grade – 6th grade) at the same time. Each of these camps is fully staffed with highly qualified workers, cabin leaders, activity directors, teachers and evangelists and though they run concurrently, the activities are kept separate (meals are together). We also have a full time registered nurse on site 24 hrs. a day. We provide morning classes, evening service and cabin devotions each day. Other activities include swimming, horse back riding, archery, high and low ropes course, volleyball, basketball, slip-n-slide and many other fun activities. Information and registration forms for 2009 camp will be posted on our web site.

Back-in-School Retreat/Winter Retreat

The Back-in-School retreat is held annually on Labor Day weekend starting Saturday at noon through Monday morning. (7th grade - 20 yrs.) The winter retreat is held in late January or early February. (6th grade - 20 yrs.) These again are structured times of worship, fellowship and fun. We currently hold these retreats at a camp near Athens, Texas. Information and registration forms for each of these will be available on our web site.

We would very much like to hear from you! Please direct any questions to us through our "Contact Us" section on the main Bethel Methodist site, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.